A famous beach in Phuket

A stunning sunset at Patong beachfront

Patong beach

Location: Taweewong - 83150 - Phuket - Thailand
GPS: 7.8968177,98.2939857

The most famous beach in Phuket that is Patong beach!

Patong beach is a powder-fine white sand beach, with crystal clear water with 3 KM. long. This is a good destination for relaxing, snorkeling, parasailing, sunbathing, surfing, swimming with crystal clear water, etc. Special of Patong beach, You can enjoy with a stunning of sunset at the beachfront.

For Impiana Resort Patong guests, you can walk to the beachfront directly. Just a few steps to the beachfront. Or you can enjoy your dinner with a stunning sunset on Patong beach.


Source: Photo & Data from Phuket101.net

How to get there from Impiana Resort Patong

  • Just a step walk to the beach!