Junceylon Phuket - Point of interest nearby Impiana Resort Patong

Junceylon Phuket is shopping center located near Patong beach

Junceylon Phuket

Location: 83150 - Patong - Phuket
GPS: 7.8920357,98.298548

Jungceylon Phuket in Patong, the largest mega mall in Phuket, is almost a city within a city. With a lot of souvenirs shops and foot massage on the lower floor, many restaurants a lot of attractions in the upper floors, it is a perfect hideaway for Patong tourists when it rains of when the heat becomes unbearable. Located in the very center of Patong beach at the end of Soi Bangla, Jungceylon Shopping Center also features the Millennium Resort, a huge and popular hotel, six rooms cinemas, a bowling and Big C a two floor supermarket.

At here, There are many available shops include Apple shop, computer shops, Robinson, Big C, Super sport, Phone shops, games center, etc.

Special at Junceylon Phuket, They have a daily water and light show that will spray you all over when you pass by on a windy day. Next to to water and light show they have the patio for evening entertainment. It is a place that set up for concerts, performance and live brands or exhibits.

Let’s talk about foods, At here there are a plenty of choices such as Thai foods, European foods, Fast food, Coffee shop, etc. Now, we provide all restaurant for you below:

  • Le Siam – Thai food restaurant located near the water and light show and entertainment patio.
  • MK Gold Suki – It is one branch of MK Restaurant, but it is the luxury version include better quality of food, more choice, design and layout a bit more cozy and as you expect, more expensive than MK restaurant.
  • Fuji restaurant – It is a franchise of the Japanese food restaurant. At here, you will taste a good & fresh material.
  • Shabushi – It is same as MK Suki but it is BUFFET, can make you fun with the concept of cooking you own food by get meat and veggies are constantly passing by on a moving track in front of you into your boiling pot.
  • La Casa – Italian foods restaurant originally.
  • Hogs Breath – An Australian steakhouse franchise.

Source : Photo & Data from Phuket101.net

How to get there from Impiana Resort Patong

  • By walk about 800 m.
  • By car about 1.6 km.